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Member Service Agreement

Member Service Agreement

Please read carefully before registration in order to protect your own rights.

Hello, thank you for using the online ticket reservation system (hereinafter referred to as "System") of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum (Hereinafter referred to as "NPM Southern Branch").

The NPM Southern Branch shall provide its online ticket reservation and purchase services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") based on the Member Services Agreement terms (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") listed below. To protect your rights, please read the terms of the Member Service Agreement carefully.

When you complete the membership registration process, or start to use these Services, it means that you have read, understood, and accepted all of the terms specified in the Agreement, and all current and future service items and contents of the Services. In addition, when you use a particular service within the System, you may have to follow additional terms of Member Service Agreement or relevant regulations released separately by the NPM Southern Branch based on the nature of that particular service. Such terms or relevant regulations shall be incorporated as part of the Agreement.

The NPM Southern Branch reserves the right to modify or revise the terms of the Agreement. Revised terms of the Agreement shall be published on the Web site without individual notifications. We suggest that visitors pay attention to such revisions or modifications accordingly. Should you continue to use the Services after such revisions or modifications, it is regarded that you having read, understood, and agreed to accept the revisions or modifications. If you disagree with the revisions or the way of modification methods mentioned above, or do not accept any terms of the Agreement, we recommend that you stop using the Services immediately.

If you are a minor under the age of 20, you should ask a legal representative to read, understand, and consent to the entire content of the Agreement, as well as the subsequent modifications, before registering as a member in order to use or continue using these Services. Should you use or continue to use Services it is regarded that, your legal representative have read, understood, and agreed to accept the entire Agreement, as well as its subsequent revisions and modifications.

Customers and the NPM Southern Branch agree to use electronic communications as a means to expressions.

The NPM Southern Branch will collect your personal information when you browse the Web site, use the services on the Web site, sign-up as a new member, and conduct various transactions. To protect personal information, privacy, and consumer rights the NPM Southem Branch declares the following items according to Articles 8 and 9 of the Personal Information Protection Act:

● Purpose of collection:
The purpose of information collection is for "Marketing" (statutory specific purpose item code 040); "personal information collection, processing, and application by non-public agencies pursuant to statutory obligations" (statutory specific purpose item code 063); "consumer and customer management and services" (statutory specific purpose item code 090); "museums, art galleries, memorials, or other public and private creation businesses" (statutory specific purpose item code 115); "facility access security management" (statutory specific purpose item code 116); "Internet shopping and other e-commerce services" (statutory specific purpose item code 148); "investigation, statistical, and research analyses" (statutory specific purpose item code 157); and "other businesses where the operations conform to the business registration items or articles of association" (statutory specific purpose item code 181).

● Types of personal information collected:
Personal information collected by the System includes.
(1) C001 personal identification information: Such as the names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other information of members, visitors, or event participants.
(2) C002 financial identification: Such as credit card or financial institution account information.
(3) C011 personal descriptions: such as gender, date of birth, nationality, etc.
(4) other types of information as announced by the competent authority.

● Application time frame, area, target, and method:
(1) Time frame: Active until the day the member terminates or NPM Southern Branch stops offering such services.
(2) Area: Members' personal information will be used in Taiwan.
(3) Applicable subjects and application method: In addition to the query functions performed by the member and customer management units of the System, the members' personal information are also collected for identification, clash flow services, logistics services, marketing promotions, etc. Examples are as follows:
a. When a member uses the various services provided by the System, the member' personal information will be automatically displayed on the page.
b. Executing transactions: Product delivery, service provision, price payment, answering customer inquiries, as well as questions asked by NPM Southern Branch to its members, relevant post-sales services, and other operations required to implement the transactions when a member reserves, subscribes, purchases, and participates in prize events or other transactions for certain goods or services.
c. Promotional advertisements or marketing, etc.: Providing electronic newsletters and services related information to the members via e-mail, regular mail, telephone, etc. Implement individualized operations, analyze services used by members, develop new services, or improve existing services based on the contents or advertisements browsed by members, or members' personal attributes, purchase history, or System browsing records. Contacting members for opinion polls, events, message boards, or other service related matters.
d. Answering customer inquiries: Answering customer inquiries directed at NPM Southern Branch via e-mail, regular mail, fax, telephone, or other direct/indirect means of communication.
e. Conducting other service related matters: Perform any other application required for the NPM Southern Branch to provide services associated with items a. to d. described above.
f. Information provided to various services providers: When members reserve, purchase, participate in prize events, or apply for other transactions for goods or services from the service providers; The NPM Southern Branch shall provide members' personal information files within the scope required by the corresponding transactions to the service providers; and the service providers shall be responsible for the proper management of these personal information files. The NPM Southern Branch shall require all service providers to observe the privacy protection principles pursuant to the law when handling members' personal information, but cannot guarantee that the service providers will comply with the requirements. Please contact the individual service providers for more details.
g. Other: While providing individual services, your personal information may be used for purposes other than those mentioned above. At this time, a summary shall be provided on the individual service's Web page.

● Members' rights over their personal information:
The owner of the personal information collected by the System shall be entitled to exercise the following rights against NPM Southern Branch pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act:
(1) Inquiring or requesting access.
(2) Requesting a copy to be provided.
(3) Requesting supplementary information or corrections.
(4) Requesting the termination of the collection, processing, or application.
(5) Requesting information deletion.
Should a member wish to exercise these rights, please contact the NPM Southern Branch's customer service hotline for concerns on matters such as system services, museum visits, or event participations? A dedicated email account for contacting NPM Southern Branch customer service: sbservice@npm.gov.tw

If you refuse to provide the required information during membership sign-up, you may not be able to enjoy the full extent of the Museum's services or use certain features.

I. Membership registration obligations
all members shall agree to the following items:
1. Provide member's correct and most up to date information, do not register using a third-party information each member can only sign-up and login into one account, and cannot register repeatedly.
2. Maintain and update member information in real time to ensure data accuracy and receive optimal services.
3. If a member provided incorrect or false information, failed to provide information as directed, failed to provide the required information, or created repeated accounts, the NPM Southern Branch would have the right to suspend or terminate the member's account without prior notification, and refuse the member parts or all of the Services.

II. Privacy Policy
Registration and other specific information provided by members shall be protected and regulated according to NPM Southern Branch's "Privacy Protection Policy".

III. Member account, password, and security
1. After completing the registration process, each member shall receive a specific password and account ID. It is the member's responsibility to safeguard the password and account ID. A member shall bear full responsibility when someone enters the matching membership ID and password in accordance with the provisions, regardless whether the entry was made by the actual member. Any actions conducted using the corresponding password and account ID shall be regarded as having been taken by the actual member.
2. All members hereby agree to the following items:
(1) When a member's password and account ID have been stolen, or if there are other security issues, the member shall notify NPM Southern Branch customer service immediately.
(2) After the completion of each online connection, the member has to log off from his/her account.
(3) The accounts, passwords, and rights of the members are provided to individual members only; and shall not be borrowed, transferred, or jointly used by other parties.
(4) If the account ID or password is stolen, misused, or used by someone who cannot be identified as a member of the System, the NPM Southern Branch shall not assume any liabilities unless damages caused are proven to be attributable to the actions taken by NPM Southern Branch.
(5) If the NPM Southern Branch finds a fraud in the use of a member's account ID and password, the account and any transactions created through this account shall be suspended immediately.

IV. Protection of children and adolescents
To ensure safe Internet usage by children and adolescents, and to avoid privacy violations, the corresponding legal representatives shall observe the following obligations: The legal representative shall accompany a child less than 12 years of age during the use of the Services, and shall determine whether to give consent for those between 12 and 18 years of age to use the Services.

V. Compliance obligations and commitments
Members shall promise not to use the Services illegally or for any unlawful purposes, and promise to comply with the relevant laws of the Republic of China and international norms for Internet usage. Members who are not citizens of the Republic of China shall also agree to abide the laws of their respective nation or region.
Members shall agree and promise that they will not use the Services to violate the rights of others, or engage in illegal actions that include, but not limited to, the following:
● Publish or transmit any texts, photos, or archived files in any format that are considered defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, in violation of public order or good morals, or otherwise illegal.
● Violate or damage the reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, other intellectual properties, and other rights of the NPM Southern Branch and others.
● Violate the confidentiality obligations stated within the contract or the law.
● Use these services under someone else's name.
● Transmit or spread computer viruses.
● Engage in business practices not authorized by the NPM Southern Branch.
● Provide multi-level marketing and advertising via publications, transmissions, spam emails or chain letters illegally or without authorization by the NPM Southern Branch; or store any information that violates the intellectual property rights of others or the law.
● Cause trouble, concern, or conduct questionable behaviors in violation of the general Internet etiquette against other members or third-parties.
● Other actions that do not conform to the objectives provided by the Services or deemed inappropriate by the NPM Southern Branch under reasonable grounds.

VI. Issuing service content changes, electronic newsletters, and product news (EDM)
1. Members hereby agree that within the scope of services provided by the NPM Southern Branch, the NPM Southern Branch shall be entitled to increase, decrease, modify, or terminate relevant service items or content without prior notification.
2. Members hereby agree that the NPM Southern Branch shall be entitled to increase, modify, or terminate relevant activities, as well as select the best method for notifying its members.
3. Members hereby agree that the NPM Southern Branch may transmit e-newsletters or product news (EDM) to members' registered email accounts. When a member has received such information and would like to stop receiving additional marketing messages, the NPM Southern Branch shall cease the transmission of such messages.

VII. Service termination and interruption
The NPM Southern Branch shall use reasonable technologies and methods to maintain the normal operation of the System and its services. However, the NPM Southern Branch reserves the right to terminate or suspend part or all of its services under the following conditions, and shall not assume any restitution or compensation liabilities for damages suffered by users directly or indirectly:
1. Relocating, replacing, upgrading, maintaining, or repairing the software and hardware systems associated with these services, and notifying all customers in advance;
2. Maintenance and construction required for the System's electronic communication equipment.
3. Occurrence of sudden electronic communication equipment failures.
4. The electronic communication system used by the System has stopped working and is unable to provide additional service.
5. Natural disasters or other force majeure issues that have terminated or interrupted these services;
6. User has violated government regulations or the System's terms of use;
7. Other matters beyond the control of NPM Southern Branch which have caused the service information to display incorrectly; or the system has been interrupted/unable to function due to forgeries, alterations, deletions, or extractions.

VIII. Transactions 1. When members use the Services to conduct transactions, such transactions shall be conducted according to product quantity and price mechanisms provided by the NPM Southern Branch.
2. When members use the Services to purchase products, the NPM Southern Branch shall reserve the right to refuse the order or cancel shipment before the System issues a transaction completion confirmation notice. After a member issues an order to the NPM Southern Branch, the System will automatically transmit an acceptance notification. However, this acceptance notification is not order confirmation. The NPM Southern Branch will issue another notice to inform the member of the order completion status. However, if the product or services listed on the order form, or its transaction conditions (including, but not limited to, specifications, content description, pictures) have errors, NPM Southern Branch shall be entitled to refuse the order within 7 business days after the order was placed.
3. If a member use these Services to order products and arbitrarily decided to exchange the items ordered, cancel the order form, or take any inappropriate actions that the NPM Southern Branch believes would cause operational obstructions or damages; NPM Southern Branch shall refuse the transaction according to existing conditions or permanently terminate the member's membership.
4. Members using these Services to conduct transactions shall be entitled to the protections provided by the Consumer Protection Act. Should a member have any questions concerning the Terms of Service during a transaction, the Terms of Service shall be interpreted in a manner that favors the consumer.

IX. Limitations and exclusions of liability
1. The various functions provided by the Services are based on the function at the time of use. The NPM Southern Branch shall not be responsible for any expressed or implied warranties regarding the effectiveness, speed, integrity, reliability, safety, accuracy, etc., of the function.
2. The NPM Southern Branch shall not guarantee that the email content sent through the Services' web pages, servers, domains, etc., will not contain viruses or other harmful materials; or that the emails, files, or data transmitted or stored are correct, will not suffer from outages during transmission, or have errors, etc. NPM Southern Branch shall not be liable for the damages caused by any transmission or storage failures.

X. Protection of intellectual property rights 1. All contents used by the System's software, programs, or websites, including, but not limited to various publications, photos, files, information, data, website architecture, website page arrangements, web page designs, shall be regarded as intellectual properties legally owned by the NPM Southern Branch or other rights holders. Such intellectual properties include, but not limited to, trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary technologies. No individual shall arbitrarily use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, publicly announce, reverse engineer, decompile, or dissemble intellectual properties of the NPM Southern Branch. If a member intends to cite or reproduce the aforementioned software, programs, or website contents, the member shall obtain a written consent from the NPM Southern Branch or other rights holders in advance. It is the members' duty to observe intellectual property rights. If violated, members shall be held liable for any damages suffered by NPM Southern Branch (including, but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees).
2. Under the principle of respecting the intellectual property rights of others, members shall not engage in any behavior that violates the intellectual property rights of others when using the System's services.
3. If a member has violated the aforementioned rights, NPM Southern Branch may suspend all or part of the Services, or terminate the member's membership.
4. If anyone discovers any intellectual property right infringements, please notify the NPM Southern Branch customer service of the conditions of infringement, provide contact details, attach a valid description of the case and legal intellectual property rights declarations, and e-mail the contents to: sbservice@npm.gov.tw

XI. Authorization from members
Members hereby authorize the NPM Southern Branch to collect, process, store, transmit, or use the information uploaded, transmitted, entered, or provided by members within a reasonable range, in order to provide other information or services to its users, formulate membership statistics, conduct Internet behavior surveys or studies, or perform any other legitimate applications. If a member does not have the legal right to authorize others in the use, modification, reproduction, publicly broadcasting, revising, distributing, publishing, or publicly announcing certain information, and has transferred the rights mentioned above to a third-party; the member shall not arbitrarily upload, transmit, enter, or provide the information to NPM Southern Branch. If any information is uploaded, transmitted, entered, or provided to NPM Southern Branch by a member, the member is deemed to have provided authorization for NPM Southern Branch to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, or publicly announce such information unconditionally. NPM Southern Branch may also transfer the rights mentioned above to other parties and the member shall not object. Members shall guarantee that the use, modification, reproduction, public broadcast, revision, distribution, publication, and public announcement of such information by the System would not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights; or the member shall be held liable for the damages suffered by NPM Southern Branch (including, but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees).

XII. Member Application Refusal or Termination
Members hereby agree that the NPM Southern Branch may terminate a member's password, account ID (or any other portion), or these Services (or any other portion), or remove and delete any contents associated with the member within the Services in order to maintain transaction safety or for any other reason that includes, but not limited to, infrequent use by the member or violation of the specified provisions/spirit of the Terms of Service. Additionally, members agree that if access to the Services (or any other portion) has been terminated, NPM Southern Branch shall not assume any liabilities to members or any third-party.

XIII. Governing law and court jurisdiction
The interpretation and application of the Agreement, or controversies or disputes arisen from the transactions between members and the NPM Southern Branch shall be handled pursuant to the Laws of the Republic of China, and the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court of first instance. However, if the law has provided other mandates regarding to court jurisdiction, such mandates shall prevail.