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Dear Visitors,

* From Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2020. The discount rules are as follows:
(i)Visitors who have purchased an NPM Northern Branch ticket (of any category) may visit the NPM Southern Branch free of charge within three months by presenting the ticket stub.
(ii)Visitors who are Taiwanese citizens and who have purchased a paid NPM Southern Branch ticket may visit the NPM Northern Branch free of charge within three months.
(iii)Foreign visitors visiting the NPM Southern Branch and who wish to visit the NPM Northern Branch at a later date may purchase an NPM Northern Branch regular or group ticket at the NPM Southern Branch ticket counter. The visitors may then proceed to visit the NPM Southern Branch by using the said ticket and visit the NPM Northern Branch free of charge within three months by presenting the ticket stub.

Individual visitors are welcome to purchase tickets on site during weekdays. On weekends it is suggested to book tickets online to reduce the waiting time at the counter. For the best visiting quality, groups of ten or more are required to make reservations online in advance. Walk-in groups will not be processed.

Reservation Notice:

  1. It requires registration to use the reservation system. Please register as a member. Travel agency and tour guide membership requires 4 to 7 working days for approval. Groups of 9 or less, please select [Individual] reservations below. Groups of 10 or more, please select [General Group] reservation.
  2. To meet our people flow control policy, numbers of ticket to be reserved by the respective types of members are adjusted as follows:
    (1) [Individual] Maximum 9 per day per member.
    (2) [General Group] Maximum 5 reservations in a day (Maximum 45 tickets per reservation).
    (3) [Travel agents/Tour guide] Maximum 10 reservations in a day (Maximum 45 tickets per reservation).
    (4) For group reservations, one reservation is one group. Please do not arbitrarily divide a group.
  3. Visitors who have completed registration please check in before the designated visiting time. If the tickets are not retrieved after 20 minutes of the designated visiting time, the reservation will be canceled. Reservation adjustments or cancelation cannot be made after 12:00 Noon the day before the reserved visiting day.
  4. Student groups can reserve Children's Creative Center. Individual visitors please wait in line at the entrance of the Center.
  5. Reservation for the admissions of the next 2 months starts at 12 p.m. (noon) on the 20th of the previous month. For your best visiting quality, the NPM Southern Branch implements people flow control. Same day reservation is not available. If you do not have a valid reservation, please go to the information desk on the 2nd floor for waiting list.
  6. There are tremendous amount of artifacts displayed in the Museum. For best visiting quality, the latest entry hour is 4:00 PM. The Museum closes at 5:00 PM. Reminder of museum closing will be announced at 4:45 PM. Visitors who would like to have a thorough tour of the Museum please plan ahead the visiting time.
  7. If you have any other questions, please call the NPM Southern Branch visitor service hotline at 05-3620777.